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Holden Ballpark Campground

Holden Ballpark Campground is located one mile outside of Holden Village. A simple open field nestled in the Railroad Creek drainage the Holden Ballpark provides a gateway for hikers to explore Glacier Peak Wilderness area.

This campground can be starting point or endinging point to many of the hiking trails available around Holden.

General Notes:
This is a remote camping area, and not accessible by passenger vehicle.

The Chelan Ranger District has many unique opportunities to explore the vast country surrounding Lake Chelan. The Holden Village area is one of those places that take some planning to get to. Traveling from Chelan one can take the Lady of the Lake ferry to the Lucerne dock, from Lucerne a bus will be waiting to pick up passengers traveling to the village or you can hike the 11 miles along the Railroad Creek Trail or the along the road.

The Holden Ball Park Campground is located one mile beyond Holden village.
Information available about Holden Village: http://www.holdenvillage.org
The majority of The Chelan Ranger District hiking and camping areas are only accessible by boat or ferry. The Lady of the Lake provides up lake travel from Chelan to Stehekin with stops available at Fields Point, Prince Creek, Moore Point, and Lucerne. Please check their website for availability, fees, and scheduling. http://www.ladyofthelake.com