$65 New Patient Chiropractic or Nutrition Special

$65 New Patient Chiropractic or Nutrition Special

Living Well Family Chiropractic

Offer start date: 06/11/2019

Offer end date: 10/31/2019


$65 New Patient Full Exam & Consultation $300 value*
*The new patient special offer includes an hour exam & consultation to figure out what is wrong with you and if chiropractic or nutrition can help.

During this appointment, Dr. Nate will take a detailed history and perform orthopedic, neurologic, & chiropractic tests in addition to muscle testing to figure out the root cause of your symptoms. After we have time to review your findings, we put together a specific treatment plan to get you well as quickly as possible. We will go over this specific treatment plan on your next office visit.

If you’d like to get your health back naturally and increase the quality of your life, take advantage of this valuable offer. Come in to experience our whole body approach to chiropractic and wellness care. Call now to reserve your appointment!

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