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River of Dreams Hike, Movement, & Meditation to Call in your Hearts Desires

The ancients used to use the solstices and equinoxes as potent times for reflection, renewal, and connection with nature. These moments marked significant shifts in the natural world, providing an opportunity to align with the cycles of the earth. Join us for a gentle hike, movement, & water meditation, where we will honor this ancient tradition by embracing the energy of the summer solstice. Together, we will walk with purpose, engage in mindful movement, and meditate by the river, allowing the powerful energy of this time to clear and renew our spirits while calling in our hearts desires.

Date: June 20th
Time: 6-8am
Location: Chelan River Gorge Trail

Event Highlights:

  • Silent Hike to the River: Learn to walk with purpose expanding your energy field to call in your hearts desires.
  • Movement Practice by the Water’s Edge: Engage in a short Law of Attraction movement practice that will help clear the physical and energy bodies making space for what is more nourishing and true to your heart
  • Silent Meditation: Silent meditation by the river, allowing the water to clear and renew your energy.
  • Community Connection: Visit and connect with our community during the walk back.

Embrace the power of the summer solstice to clear, renew, and inspire. All are welcome to join this peaceful and transformative experience.

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