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Job Description:

Siren Song Wines Job Description

Food Services Associate

Position is located at the winery in Chelan, WA.
We are in the business of delighting our customers. The way we achieve this mission is through delivering excellence. That means excellence in our products, service, customer interaction, and overall experience. The core of the Siren Song brand is about a customer experience that is delightful and memorable.

• Assist in the kitchen with food preparation, cooking, and cleaning.
• Assist in the tasting room with wine staging (21+ years old – only)
• Assist our Guest Services Associates with any and all guest services activities. This includes expediting food to tables, bussing, stemware washing and polishing.
• Clean bar, tables, counters, stemware, etc. and maintain the highest level of hygiene and health standards.
• Assist with the re-stocking of wine, food, and supplies inventory.
• Assist with event set-up, support, and breakdown.
• Assist with winery production activities (e.g. bottling, packaging, labeling, cleaning, etc.)
• Attend staff meetings.

• You will receive training on our:
o wine & food
o history
o wine club
o menu
o pricing
o customer service practices
• You will be expected to pass a written and oral exam before being fully scheduled to work; you may be re-tested from time to time.
• You will be expected to prepare and present a chosen wine or food topic to the winery team.

• You are expected to be super polite and super friendly in all guest interactions.
• You are expected to arrive on time and be prepared to work.
• You are expected to be well-groomed, wear a clean and pressed uniform (to be provided), and comfortable, clean/polished shoes.

• You must be at least 15 years old, have a social security card, and a valid driver’s license.
• Be physically capable of standing and assisting customers for several hours each day.
• Be physically capable of lifting and carrying 40 pounds.
• Be physically capable of carrying trays with wine stems and plates.
• Be able to multi-task in a fast-paced work environment.

• Evangelist: Able to evangelize our products, events, and our winery.
• Work Ethic: Willing to roll-up the sleeves and go the extra mile.
• Enthusiastic: Friendly, outgoing, and social personality.
• Passionate: Loves wine and wine culture; loves to learn and talk about wine.
• Honesty and High Integrity: Earn the respect and trust of guests, customers, and the winery team.
• Communicator and Team Player: Excellent listener; proven collaborator with the winery team.
• Multi-tasking: Ability to successfully handle multiple customers and coordinate with other members of the winery team.
• Creative Thinker: Resourceful, figure-it-out-and-get-it-done mentality.


Nolan Weber


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