Harvest Season in Lake Chelan

As we head into this year’s autumn, many things are feeling uncertain. One thing is for sure though, and that’s the magic of fall in the Lake Chelan Valley. Hues of gold cover the valley as the leaves on the trees and vines change and the sun sets over golden waters. And one of our favorite parts of the autumn season is the abundant harvest that comes with it. From wine grapes to wildflowers, the Lake Chelan Valley delivers on harvest delights! Here are some of our favorites ways to take advantage of the harvest season in Lake Chelan.


Apple-Picking and Fresh Pressed Cider

Before wine, the Lake Chelan Valley was known primarily for our crisp, delicious apples. Although many orchards have turned into vineyards in recent years, the apples are still plentiful! Head to Chelan Valley Farms to pick Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, or the new Cosmic Crisp varieties! Visit Sunshine Farm Market to try your hand at cider pressing on an old-fashioned hand-cranked press and take a half-gallon home with you! Don’t leave without saying hello to the goats and picking up fresh produce in the market, too.


Pumpkin Picking

As the fall season progresses into October, you can join in picking pumpkins for carving, decoration, AND eating. Chelan Valley Farms offers a wide variety of pumpkins and other squashes, including acorn, butternut, and spaghetti! Whether you’re planning to carve, cook, or simply liven up your space with seasonal decor, you’re guaranteed to walk away with beautiful, delicious produce and fond memories of pumpkin patch adventures.


Lake Chelan Crush

The first two weekends of October have long been dedicated to the fall harvest of wine grapes in the valley. Get a behind the scenes look at winemaking and join in the fun with grape stomping! Or, simply sit back and enjoy some autumn sunshine and a big glass of red as you unwind from a hectic summer. You deserve it. You could even say you’re crushin’ it. (Get it?) It’s a perfect harvest season activity to do with your sweetheart. And we’ll always cheers to that!


Seasonal Wildflowers

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous fall bouquet to adorn your dining table or entryway? Pick your own flowers at Chelan Valley Farms and create a seasonal bouquet that fits you and your taste perfectly. Choose from stunning flowers like dahlias, amaranth, lilies, zinnias, hydrangeas… we could go on and on. Or head to the Chelan Evening Farmer’s Market on Thursdays or the Manson Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings to pick up a bouquet that’s been thoughtfully arranged with expertise and love (but mostly love).


If you’ve been jonesing for an autumn getaway, look no further than the Lake Chelan Valley. You’ll find rest, relaxation, and unparalleled beauty. What more could you possibly need?