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Harvest Valley Pest Control

Job Description:

Harvest Valley offers a pretty unique opportunity:

  • Get in on the ground floor of a quickly growing business.
  • Family wages: $16 hr. plus commission plus production bonus. Average first year pay is $40k-$50k.
  • Health insurance credit and matching retirement plan after 90 days.
  • Opportunity to work in very interesting field of applied science and get to be an integral member of the serving the community.

Here is an overview of the characteristics of an A+ player would look like:

  • A person who genuinely loves and cares about people.
  • A faithful person who has a track record of staying with a job for a while.
  • Technically minded. Can figure things out. Someone with a background in the trades are a great fit.
  • Work averages 40-50 per week so family situation needs to be a fit.
  • A great team player that enjoys being on a team and knows how to support their co-workers.
  • Self-motivated. Most of their days will be spent on their own and so they can’t be someone that needs constant supervision.
  • Not afraid of hard work or dirty work. Lots of crawlspace crawling is involved.

Please contact Harvest Valley if this sounds like a position for you!

Harvest Valley Pest Control
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