Kitchen Staff


Sorrento’s Ristorante

Job Description:

It is a kitchen employee’s duty to consistently produce food and clean to specifications and standards, as well as complete all tasks and maintain all standards that have been set forth by the Executive Chef and/or immediate supervisor and department of health.

– Show up on time in proper attire ready to work.
– Set up and preform duties as necessary at that days designated work station quickly and consistently as needed.
– Maintain a sanitary work space at all times.
– Prepare food/wash dishes in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Executive Chef as well as the department of health.
– Do whatever is asked to maintain restaurant flow, even it is to work a station or preform a task not normally assigned.
– Assist all other team members in daily duties as time permits.


Bob Hargadon



Phone: (509) 682-9463


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