Recreation Coach


Thunder Gymnastics

Job Description:

To help build Thunders recreational gymnastics program and develop solid lesson plans of appropriate development progression skills of each group. Maintain a positive, fun learning environment. Be able to work with kids ages 5-14. Know how to maintain professional boundaries not only with the parents but the kids as well. Be able to have strong attendance, work well with the other coaches, and be available for all Thunders events. Having the mindset of team building and maintaining Thunder Gymnastics philosophy in everything you do.

Is a member of USA gymnastics, pass a background check, and obtains all the required courses from USA gymnastics to teach recreational gymnastics classes.

Must be over the age of 18

Monday-Friday starting at 3:30 p.m. some weekends
1 hour a week of lesson planning/monthly progress reports

Pay Wage:
$18.00 an hour
Part Time employees are not subject to paid days off such as sick, medical, vacation, or other personal reasons.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Meets the physical and emotional needs of each child. Be able to physically spot the kids while they are learning and developing benchmarks in their gymnastics progression.

2. Satisfies the developmental needs of each child through child/adult interactions and planned activities that meet USA Gymnastics training requirements. Greets each child and parents daily. Arrange the the gymnastics center in a manner that promotes safety and learning in a cheerful environment Assure all required training documentation and record keeping is completed in a timely manner (i.e. Monthly/Weekly Lesson Plans; progress reports; daily attendance) Attend general staff meetings, coaches planning meetings, trainings, and assist in setting the goals for Thunder Gymnastics.

3. Ensure that the gymnastics center is prepared before children arrive, this includes your weekly lessons of appropriate training drills EVERYONE SANITIZES HANDS BEFORE ENTERING THE GYM give undivided attention, and watch carefully for safety hazards throughout the day.

4. Make sure the kids are staying focus on their trainings and being safe on all apparatus.

5. Help Clean and sanitize the gym equipment frequently

6. Help Keep the gymnastics center looking clean, swept, vacuumed, and organized

7. Have fun with the kids at all times!

Educational Requirements:

Need to get registered with USAGymnastics

Create an account

Choose Thunder Gymnastics LLC as the club

Do a background check

Take all the required classes for Recreational coaching, attend all required trainings, CPR/First Aid certified, -Continued-

Personal Requirements:

The Recreational Coach must possess personal attributes needed to develop trusting relationships with children and adults. Such attributes include the following:

– Professional in appearance, attitude and ability.

-Respect confidentiality of each child and his/her family

-Treat children, parents and staff members with dignity and respect

-Develop a sense of teamwork with co-workers in all activities, including housekeeping, as well as lesson preparation and record keeping

-Practice good communication skills

Additional knowledge and skills:

Knowledge and experience working with children and of the basics of child development. Knowledge of activities/trainings of the appropriate gymnastics levels. Ability to be flexible with daily routines and schedules to capture “nurturing and teachable moments”. Knowledge of safety issues, communicable disease management/control/prevention and basic first aid. Skills in patience and remaining calm under pressure. Ability to move and react quickly to handle emergencies effectively. Skills in time management and organization Skills in parent communication. Ability to supervise assistants, gives instructions and delegate duties in a professional manner. Acquire knowledge of the current gymnastics curriculum and implement the curriculum practices in weekly trainings.


Tyese Woodley


Phone: (509) 670-8458


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