Student Advocate for Equity & Engagement / Migrant Ed. Recruiter


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Job Description:

Student Advocate for Equity and Engagement / Migrant Education Recruiter

The Student Advocate for Equity and Engagement Specialist is a classified one year position that serves as a liaison between families and the school district to help develop and sustain trusting and supportive relationships that will benefit students, families, and the district to increase student belonging and achievement. This person will provide district‐wide support for student learning by helping students, parents, teachers, and other school staff give priority to educational equity and cultural relevance. This person will support the Family Visit Initiative at the secondary level and support other initiatives to improve attendance among targeted student populations. Rate of pay is $18.93 – $22.15 an hour for 7 hours per day.

The Migrant Education Recruiter part of the position involves identification and recruitment, seeking out and identifying children who potentially qualify for the Migrant Program, completing the paperwork necessary to establish their eligibility and enrolling them in the program. Rate of pay is $18.08 – $21.33 and hour for 330 hours annually (flexible).

Advocate for Equity and Engagement functions of this job include, but are not limited to:
 Helping students and families understand and navigate the school system by assisting with school paperwork as necessary and appropriate (e.g. school registration, immunizations, free and reduced lunch applications, transportation services, scholarship applications, target services, athletic participation, etc.).
 Promoting parent education and involvement in various District and school programs; provide information and materials to parents to assist them in utilizing community services and resources; refer families to local agencies or school services as appropriate.
 Ensuring that equity of opportunity and access to programs and services are attainable by all students and families.
 Facilitating communication between students, parents, and school staff to ensure student achievement and social/emotional development to promote school success.
 Working with principals to support a positive building climate that leads to educational equity, inclusion, belonging and student achievement for all students regardless of student race, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), ability, or sexual orientation.
 Working with teams (PLCs, Admin., Consultant teachers) in partnership designated to analyze school data for development of action plans to ensure educational equity and inclusion for all students.
 Establishing and developing strong district‐wide community relationships to cultivate the possibilities of post‐secondary success, engage in service learning, and to connect our students and families with community resources.
 Meeting and participating with student support service PLC and intervention teams by providing multiple perspectives.
 Facilitate Family Visits to engage or re-engage students and families to enhance student achievement; as appropriate, provide service to families in the form of guidance, advocacy, crisis intervention, and resource facilitation.
 Utilizing and updating designated District communication and outreach portals and protocols, such as websites, social media, telephone communications, to ensure accurate, timely, and consistent communication among all stakeholders and enhance opportunities for students and families.
 Facilitating student groups (i.e. focus groups for the purpose of feedback and acquiring student voice, Check and Connect, small group mentoring).
 Other duties as assigned.

Migrant Recruiter Duties Include:
 Actively identify and recruit all eligible migrant children residing in the school district / community from 0 through 21 years of age. This includes:
• Surveying the area on a regular basis to confirm the location and presence of migrant workers and their families.
• Developing an identification & recruitment network with organizations and agencies that provide services to migrant workers and their families.
 Complete a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) according to state/federal guidelines for each eligible migrant family immediately upon arriving to the school district/community for students in-school and out-of-school.
 Annually revalidate most recent move information for all families.

 Share information with migrant parents and students regarding the Migrant Education Program (MEP), as well as all school services / programs available to them.
• This includes instructional programs, MSIS, physical exams, alternative educational programs, options for Out-of-School (OSY) youth, preschool programs, adult basic education programs, GED programs, and post-secondary opportunities, etc.
 Refer migrant families to appropriate health, social, or legal services in order to meet the needs of the migrant student’s successful participation in school.
 Prepare documentation such as a recruiter log, which reflects all recruitment time and activities.
 Attend all required training sessions provided for the recruiter by the Migrant Education Program.

Minimum Qualifications
 Must be able to read, write and speak fluently in English and Spanish or the language primarily spoken by migrant parents, spouse and/or a student at home.
 Must be a high school graduate and/or possess a GED.
 Ability to work with people, be patient and willing to help parents, and/or students with questions, and provide resources, etc.
 Ability to develop relationships between the home, school, and community.
 Must be able to travel and possess a valid Washington State Driver’s License and automobile insurance.
 Must be able to attend regional and state in-service trainings.
 Schedule must be flexible in order to work weekend and evening hours, when needed.
 Must be able to complete accurate and timely reports.
 Valid first aid/CPR card or willingness to obtain upon hiring.
 Will be required to submit a Washington State Patrol, FBI and Sexual Misconduct Clearance.

Position is open until filled

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