Local Brewers + Distillery Night

We’re keeping it pretty local on Friday Night! Join us in Manson to sip and savor the incredible local ales being produced in the Chelan Valley + a whole flight of spirts being produced in Washington State!

Local Beers

Varietals Coming Soon!


We’re so excited to welcome Pursuit Distilling to Alefest 2020!

We’re not calling it a mojito, but it’s as close as a whiskey can be. Strawberries, mint leaves, cane sugar and lime-juice are the major flavors because that’s all we put in it. It’s breaking rules and setting standards. Summer is now available 13 months a year.

Rumor has it this is the coziest drink available outside Scandinavia. The facts are, we use fresh apple cider (not concentrated), and fresh whiskey. Then it’s sweetened with brown sugar, vanilla for depth, and spiced like a pie. Pour yourself a slice. Après-ski, après-work, après-everything.

It should not surprise you the main flavor is from delicious cold brew coffee. But it’s special. Based on a fictional recipe from an imaginary character in a made-up film, we blend the cold brew with our whiskey and just enough simple syrup to keep it real. Best served with an exclamation point.

Evidence that some moments of inspiration work out exceptionally well. Unique in flavor, process and origin, we distilled this spirit directly from an IPA rather than just a mash. This process assured our sprit, like the IPA from which it’s born, exhibits a hoppy essence. While not technically a whiskey due to its production process, it exhibits many similar characteristics from its oak aging but also presents your palate with remarkable complex flavors, smoothness and a finish akin to a classic cliffhanger.

We put entirely too much effort into making our pineapple jalapeño flavored whiskey. Made from hot jalapeños, real pineapple juice, agave nectar, and a five-spice blend. As one impressed patron allegedly proclaimed, “It’s hard to imagine what the world was like before.”

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