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Chelan Valley Housing Trust

Job Description:

Job Description: Associate Director,
Chelan Valley Housing Trust
The Chelan Valley Housing Trust’s (CVHT) mission is to develop stable and secure housing that is attainable to Manson and Chelan wage earners. The Associate Director plays a pivotal role in advancing the mission and vision of CVHT. This position involves strategic leadership, program development, and collaboration with internal teams and external partners. The Associate Director facilitates program operations, manages fundraising efforts, ensures compliance with policies, and supports the Executive Director.
1. Program Development and Management:
o Collaborate with staff and committees to implement programs and strategies that align with the CVHT mission.
o Support day-to-day program operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness, and supporting Executive Director priorities.
o Support Executive Director in providing written reports, data analysis, and board directives as needed.
o Facilitate communications with and across staff and board, committee chairs, program/event teams and partners, both internal and external.
2. Strategic Planning:
o Support program operations, and site/contractor coordination as needed.
o Participate in budget development for program activities/fundraising events.
3. Fundraising and Community Outreach:
o Collaborate with staff to organize and oversee fundraising events to support CVHT initiatives.
o Engage with the community, stakeholders, and potential donors.
o Promote the organization’s mission through outreach efforts.
o Prepare press releases, newsletters, reports, campaign and recognition efforts, oversee website; coordinate social media efforts to align with outreach efforts.
4. Grant Management:
o Coordinate the grant proposal process, review grant contractor drafts, ensure timely submissions, and be a point of contact with contractor.
o Monitor grant compliance and reporting requirements.
o Seek additional funding opportunities to sustain and enhance programs.
5. Collaboration and Leadership:
o Work closely with the Executive Director, CVHT staff and Board.
o At discretion and direction of the Executive Director, represent the CVHT at various meetings and functions.
o Provide input into strategic decisions affecting program areas, and committee groups.
o Facilitate communication between and within all levels of CVHT operations and activities.
6. Reporting and Accountability:
o Prepare reports on program outcomes and impact as needed.
o Present findings to executive team and board of directors.
o Support transparency and accountability in program management.
• Education: Bachelor’s degree preferred; relevant field preferred.
• Experience: At least 1 year of managerial-level experience.
• Skills:
o Successful collaboration with leadership, internal teams and external partners.
o Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
o Experience with excellent writing skills, including marketing materials, public relations, creative writing, grant writing. Use of AI to develop draft project proposals and reports is valued.
o Experience with community land trusts, real estate, banking lending practices, SalesForce, Office Suite are each valuable and preferred though not required. Use of AI to develop draft project proposals and reports.
• Passion: Passion for affordable housing and community development within the Chelan Valley.
• Spanish/English Bilingual skills valued.
• Hours variable from 15-30 hours per week; variability depends upon program and event activities.
• Flexibility of schedule and working from home is negotiable.
• Compensation @ $35/hour.
• PTO as defined with Washington employment laws.
• Opportunity to make a meaningful impact on housing accessibility.
• Collaborative work environment with passionate and competent colleagues.


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