A trip to the head of Lake Chelan is a journey into an unspoiled frontier, forgotten by time.

A favorite for hikers, adventure seekers, fishers and relaxers, getting to Stehekin is as much fun as being there.

No roads lead to Stehekin, but there are plenty of ways to travel up here. For the most exclusive experience with the 50.5-mile lake, take the Lady of the Lake passenger ferry, Stehekin Ferry or your own personal boat.

Hiking is another great option for getting to Stehekin. Go part way up the lake and have the Lady of the Lake drop you off so you can hike the rest of the way along the Lakeshore Trail or come over the North Cascades Mountains. Have a horse? Come over the mountains on horseback. Every summer several hundred people hike to Stehekin using an extensive trail network much of which has been in place for 100 years. Some of them have made it all the way from Mexico on the Pacific Crest Trail.

For those short on time or looking for a bird’s eye view, a spectacular helicopter  ride up the lake allows you to see the splendor of the lake and surrounding mountains and glaciers from a different perspective. There is a 3,000-foot grass airstrip that a small personal aircraft with an experienced pilot can also land on.

Stehekin boasts 90 full-time residents, blue green water fed by glaciers, sub-alpine timber, deer outside your front door, and a kind of magic only found when absolutely lost in nature.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or a place to relax, there’s plenty to do in Stehekin. For more detailed information, visit www.stehekin.com

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