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Drink it up in Lake Chelan

When we say we’ve got something special growing in Lake Chelan, we mean it.

Our unique climate and glacial soil in the Lake Chelan region create optimal growing conditions, producing some of the lushest and most flavorful fruit in the Pacific Northwest. With rich land right on our doorstep, the region is known for our incredible grapes and apples.

This makes for an abundance of wine and cider makers through the entire valley. When you visit Lake Chelan, there are an endless number of activities for a day or weekend sampling our delicious drinks.

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Wine Tasting and Wineries

Over the last 20 years, we’ve refined winemaking to an art. With over 30 wineries and 300 acres of vines, there’s something to suit every wine lover’s palette.

From a weekend getaway touring the valley to learning the ins and outs of winemaking, to a quiet relaxed evening of wine tastings to find your perfect blend, Lake Chelan has what you’re looking for. Learn more about Wine Tasting in Lake Chelan.

Ale & Cider

For over a century, growers in Lake Chelan have been producing mouth-watering apples with some of the same family orchards still in operation today. Similar to winemaking, the fresh juice from our delicious apples is transformed into cider through the fermentation process.

Our cider makers offer visitors an interactive experience, showing how our apples go from tree to bottle. Learn more about Ale & Cider in Lake Chelan.

Discover Lake Chelan wine and cider tasting experiences.

Plan your own Lake Chelan adventure with our full list of activities and suggested itineraries, or check out our blog for insider travel tips and local stories.

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