Boating on Lake Chelan

Boat Rentals in Lake Chelan

Visiting Lake Chelan this summer? We know help you find your water rental needs to enjoy the sun with family. The lake is lined with several places to choose from and there’s no shortage of boats, jet skis, or fun for the entire family!

Shoreline Watercraft & Boat Rental

Boasting the biggest fleet in Lake Chelan, Shoreline Watercraft and Boat Rental is a great place to rent watercraft. They conveniently offer five locations among the lake for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the crystal blue waters. Between Don Morse Park, Manson Bay Marina, Lake Chelan Shores, Wapato Point Resort, and The Lookout, you have access to your favorite water toys all summer long!

Mill Bay Marine

Lake Chelan’s Mill Bay Marine is located in Manson not far from downtown. It is a great place to rent a boat on the North Shore of Lake Chelan. If you’re staying at a resort, have a vacation rental in Manson, or just find yourself wanting to get on the water then Mill Bay is the spot for you. They offer a range of boats for your summertime needs and assist you in your watercraft ventures.

Sharkey’s Watercraft

Located at Manson Bay, Sharkey’s Watercraft is a one-stop shop for all your hot weather fun. In the summer, they rent out Pontoons and Ski Boats for good times on Lake Chelan. They also offer boats that provide water enthusiasts the chance to wakeboard. Whether you’re a pro or a rookie, their team will hook you up!

Lake Shores Watercraft & Boat Rentals

Lake Shores is an awesome place to gather up your friends and get a taste of what lake living is like. They offer a wide variety of boats to choose from and have several time options too. From two-hour, half-day, daily and multiple-day rates, you’ll have no excuse not to take a day off. Lake Shores is within walking distance from downtown Chelan lodging so you don’t have to stress about parking either.

The Lake Chelan Valley is bursting with activity and excitement. Join us on the shores, in a boat, or on a jet ski so that you too can experience the wonder of summer living in North Central Washington!