The Perfect Summer Day in Lake Chelan

As summer rolls into the Lake Chelan Valley, the number of activities are off the charts! There is something for absolutely everyone here and no wrong way to enjoy your time. To help get those creative juices flowing, here is one way you could spend a day in the valley this summer.

Breakfast Out

Photo | Riverwalk Inn

After you take the morning to catch up on some much-needed sleep, we recommend visiting one of the many breakfast spots in the valley. Whether you’re feeling eggs over toast or something sweeter from a bakery, we’ve got your back! You won’t be disappointed with your choices here and you will certainly be fueled for a full day of vacation. Riverwalk Cafe serves some hearty dishes while they specialize in crafting meals from locally sourced ingredients. Or visit The Coffee Cabin for some sweet treats and coffee to get you going. No matter the craving, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Riverwalk Park

When you have finished eating some delicious sustenance, we suggest basking in the morning sun with a leisurely walk. Riverwalk Park is about a mile loop and has many starting points. You’ll get to cross both bridges into town, walk alongside the waterfront, and meander through some lush greenery. Treat this walk as a time to slow down and enjoy a moment of peace you’re usually too busy to get. The views are incredible, the lake is calm, and the birds are singing for you. Enjoy the serenity of mornings near the water.

Lake Time

Alright, now that you’ve taken a second to relax in the moment, it’s time for lake living! We’ve got kayaks, paddle boards, boats, jet skis, tubes, water trampolines, parasailing, and so much more. Get out on the water and remember what it means to be a kid in the summer. The possibilities are endless here on the lake. Sip your favorite glass of rosé on the beach, swim till you can’t swim anymore, or be daring and hop on that tube! There’s no water play that can’t be done here and you get to decide what’s the most fun. You’ve been fueled by breakfast and enjoyed your peaceful walk, now you just get to let loose and have fun!

Happy Hour

Photo | Wapato Point Cellars

From wineries to bars and restaurants, our valley has several happy hour options. Once you’ve cleaned up and rinsed off, go get a drink out on the town. Vin Du Lac offers discounted glass pours and appetizers from 3pm-5pm while restaurants like Wapato Point Cellars will give you that much-needed cocktail. Sit outside in the sun at Tsillan Cellars or cool off inside at Sunset Bar and Grill in Manson. Regardless of your choice, you’ve got plenty of options and enough time for a few rounds. Remember, you’re on lake time here. Let the night and drinks flow freely.

Dinner on the Town

Photo | Local Myth Pizza

End the day with dinner at one of our many tasty establishments. We’ve got fine dining, casual fare, pizza and loads more. Put the heels on or stay in your coverup because no matter what you decide, the valley has something for you. Local Myth will service any pizza hankerings in your group while places like Lake Chelan Winery will make your mouth water with BBQ dishes. The valley’s cuisine is unbeatable and will leave you wanting more by the time you head out.

No matter how you choose to spend your day, the Lake Chelan Valley will take care of you. Don’t stress too much about trying to plan things perfectly. You’re here relaxing and that’s all that matters. We’re ready to make your vacation here the best one you’ve ever had. Join us this summer for lake life and sunshine!