Spring into Action: Activities to Explore this Spring

We swear we can hear spring calling our name already! As this beautiful season quickly approaches, so does the start of some of our favorite activities in the valley. So whether you visit for spring break, a romantic weekend with your significant other, or a quick getaway, you won’t want to miss these four activities this spring.


Lake Chelan is a golfer’s dream destination. With eight courses within driving distance, you’ll have no shortage of places to explore. The two closest courses, the Lake Chelan Golf Course and Bear Mountain Ranch Golf Course boast impressive views of the lake and a challenging landscape at every hole.


As our snow-capped mountains begin to melt, trails that once were unreachable become available again. The Chelan Ranger District contains 422,000 acres surrounding Lake Chelan’s middle and upper lake reaches and offers expansive and challenging trails throughout. Unfortunately, some high elevation hikes may remain closed until summer due to weather conditions. However, our Chelan River trail and Beebe Springs Wildlife Area will be available, and are within a 10-minute drive of downtown Chelan!

Cycling and Mountain Biking

The Lake Chelan Valley is a beautiful location for leisurely road rides or adventurous mountain trail rides. Find courses in Manson and Chelan, or choose your path as you ride along open roads throughout the valley. If you don’t want to bring your own, you can rent bicycles while you are here!

If you are looking for a mountain biking experience, we suggest visiting Echo Ridge Summer Trails, Pot Peak, Devil’s Backbone, or Stormy Mountain. Each trail offers varying course lengths, inclines, and skill levels!


It would be a shame not to list our unique and flourishing wine valley as a springtime activity to enjoy while you are here. With over 30 wineries hugging the shores of Lake Chelan, each winery offers a diverse range of tastes and experiences. As you sample wine throughout the valley, enjoy picturesque views of the lake and surrounding mountains, good food, live music and more!

Whatever the reason to visit Lake Chelan this spring, you’ll find enough fun to fill up your trip as well as the next few. We can’t wait to see the sunshine and, of course, you!