Top 4 Water Activities in Lake Chelan

It’s no surprise to anyone that water play is what happens around here in the summer. We’ve got plenty of ways to keep you and your loved ones entertained when you come for a visit. Here are some of the best ways to take advantage of our clear blue waters!


Whether you own a boat or simply wish to rent one this is one of the greatest ways to see what our valley has to offer from a unique point of view. Not only can you play to your heart’s content on wakeboards, skis, and tubes, you can also cruise along the shores and see the land where you float. From the North Cascades to the expansive vineyards, your eyes will be captivated! Then cool off with a quick dip before your next adventure.


Did you know that the Washington state record for largest lake trout was set in Lake Chelan? A 35 pound trout called Lake Chelan it’s home and there’s plenty more for you and your friends to have a go at catching. Fishing here is a year-round endeavor, offering you the chance to cast your line for many different types of fish. Another little known fact about fishing here is that the fish feed on the abundance of shrimp that live on the lake floor.


Swimming in Lake Chelan is an absolute must! Anyone who has ever lived or visited Lake Chelan has at some point taken a refreshing dip in the water. With almost endless public parks and waterfronts to choose from you’ll have no excuse! Dip in the water by going waist deep at Lakeside Park or head up lake towards Lake Chelan State Park for some deep water wading. Regardless of what you prefer, Lake Chelan accommodates everyone wanting to cool off in our crystal waters.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a high speed water sport that is great for developing balance and coordination skills, as well as being tons of fun! If you’re new to these water toys don’t be afraid. They are very easy to pick up on and it’s a great activity to do with your friends. It’s also one of the fastest water activities around here and comes with no shortage of adrenaline. You’ll more than likely have a few good laughs with loads of memories.

There are ample amounts of water sports around these parts. From boating to jet skiing, you’ll find something you love involving the water. Grab your swimming suit, a towel, and a life jacket and find your favorite activity here with us!