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Designed to help media with general information on Lake Chelan, these story starters, images and b-roll, statistics and facts, and press releases are here to help for media purposes.

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Discover the stories and traditions of A Washington original. From its beautiful scenery, rich history, and agricultural heritage to family fun on the lake, winter powder and unique culinary experiences, Lake Chelan has endless stories to share. These recently published articles share just a sample of all the experiences the Lake Chelan Valley has to offer.

Fast Facts

Discover A Washington Original. The Lake Chelan Valley, surrounding the 50.5-mile Lake Chelan and home to the communities of Chelan, Manson and Stehekin, offers four seasons of recreation, charming shopping districts, and bountiful agriculture including an emerging wine industry.

Story Starters

Inspired to write about Lake Chelan? We’re located in the heart of Washington’s Cascade Mountains – where you’ll find a spectacular Pacific Northwest waterfront destination. Lake Chelan is a three-hour drive from Seattle and Spokane and is characterized by its crystal clear, blue water; sunny, semi-desert climate; and sprinkled horizon of fruit orchards and vineyards.

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The Lake Chelan Brand Guide includes the brand framework (brand driver, personality, and narrative) and the visual brand (logos, logo usage, color palette, typography and sample uses).

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